Google Pixel C receives Lineage OS 14.1 custom ROM

The Pixel C came into our world with a spoon, in other words, it is a Google exclusive device. This also meant that the Pixel C would be promised the latest updates from Google. So, why bother with Lineage OS right? If you’re not already familiar with rooting and flashing a non-stock OS onto your tablet, then I suggest you start now.

Lineage OS is basically CyanogenMod reincarnated. If all this sounds alien to you, we’ll give you a brief overview. CyanogenMod was the go to custom ROM for years. But last year, the company itself was dissolved and Lineage Inc. took over all services.

By flashing Lineage OS 14.1 you will be able to take your Pixel C to the next level with various customization options and performance improvements (not that you need it). Unlike other custom ROMs Lineage OS does not include SuperSU to allow root access on your device. But, Lineage has still included the same in their download section.

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The thing about unlocking and rooting your device is that you can get it back to stock as easy as pie. Since the Pixel C is eligible for the upgrade to Android 8.0.0, you can try that out when it becomes official in October. If reading this has got you excited about Android O already, you can also try the Developer Preview.

Source: Lineage