Google Nexus 6 won’t be an LG device!

Google’s Nexus line-up always make a special appearance into the market and the Nexus device make quite a stir in the mobile market. Google releases the Nexus devices with immense hype and always deliver the best in the form of software improvements and updates. This year, there is a plethora of rumors regarding the latest flagship device from the Google which is the Nexus 6. With the huge success of Nexus 5, Google must really be looking forward to launch its new device sooner this year.

However Google makes contract with smart phone manufacturers for the manufacturing of its Nexus series devices. Earlier the Nexus smartphones are manufactured by HTC, Samsung and LG while the Nexus tablets are manufactured by Asus and Samsung. The previous flagship device Nexus 5 was manufactured by the LG company and the overall build quality and design of the device is quite spectacular and we kind of hoped LG would manufacture the Nexus 6 as well.

But the latest turn of events has been sending somewhat different vibes among the android communities regarding the Nexus 6 hardware partner. Ken Hong, the Communications Director of LG had mentioned that Google hasn’t approached the LG regarding the Nexus 6 manufacturing process till date. If Google is to release the Nexus 6 this year, it should have approached LG by now, however that isn’t the case here.

In an interview, Ken Hong stated

I know at least not yet. Normally, we were informed.

He further added (He joked)

That can mean two things. Either I got ignored, or we simply won’t be making (the Nexus 6)

This doesn’t mean that the Nexus 6 is abandoned, it simply means that Google dumped LG and moved on to another hardware manufacturer. Witnessing the elegance of the LG G3 this year, we thought that if LG is making the Nexus 6 it would have opted the design of LG G3 which is kind of cool. If LG isn’t making the new Nexus 6, then it raises an immediate question about the next possible hardware manufacturer.

HTC is rumored to manufacture the high-end Nexus 8 tablets this year, which may possibly launch at the Google I/O conference so there is possibility that HTC might be manufacturing the Nexus 6 as well. However recently, Motorola also came into the spotlight regarding the Nexus 6 hardware partner which is to be considered with the increased popularity of Motorola this year. Currently the situation is kind of mess and we have to wait until further leaks or rumors to speculate the Nexus 6 hardware partner.

Via Phonearena