Google may update Chrome OS with support for Android Q apps

Android Q coming to Chrome OS

In 2016, Google introduced a cool feature in Chrome OS that allowed Chromebook users to download and actually install Android Nougat apps on their devices through the Play Store. Google hasn’t been keen to update this support with every Android OS release, but it seems things have changed.

After Nougat, Chrome OS didn’t get an update to Oreo, with users having to wait for Pie. This suggested that the next update would wait until Android R. However, 9to5Google has established that Chrome OS will get support for Android Q apps, probably even ahead of your favorite Android vendors’ flagship phones.

The publication found a code change in the Chromium Gerrit that suggests Google may start giving Chrome OS regular Android apps’ updates, beginning with Q.

Software development has just started and considering Android Q is not expected until somewhere in August, the wait is still on. It’s also worth noting that this isn’t confirmed and since it’s just code, Google can easily change it to something else at a later time.

Google already announced Android Q developer preview and is expected to release the public beta version at the I/O 2019 event next month. The search giant is also said to be lining up a pair of Google Pixel 3a phones to be unveiled at this same event, which begins on May 7th.

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