Google launches Daydream Elements Android app for developers to help them with VR apps and games

google daydream vr app

The Google I/O 2017 is scheduled to start in next few hours, where Google could announce its standalone VR accessory. It’s fitting then that in anticipation of not only that VR dedicated accessory, but also the traction VR apps and games have gained, that Google released an app to help developers make the best VR apps and games, using the best practices — by trying them firsthand already through this very app.

Dubbed as Daydream Elements, the app is aimed at developers interested in making VR apps and games. Devs can use this app to find solution to common problems, like how to move in VR, along with tested solution — dubbed elements — to do that.

You can learn more about the whole Daydream Elements thing at Google’s dedicated Daydream project page, here.

Right now, the Daydream Elements app covers three VR principles: Locomotion being first, Menus and virtual controls being second, and lastly, Rendering and Lighting.

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We expect Google engineers to update the app with more VR related coding and stuff over time, so if you are one looking to create content for VR, this is a must try app for you as you can actually experience the whole thing even before try to code it first.

Download Google Daydream Elements app

google daydream app

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