Google introduces Health Info Cards to Search on mobile devices

Google recently told us that it’ll be bringing informative health cards to Google Search, which will show information on a variety of common diseases. Now these info cards have finally gone live, although not in every part of the world yet, but it’s gradually rolling out.

The health cards lists a variety of diseases including the most common and the less common ones such as flu, chicken pox, malaria, smallpox, polio and others. Though some of these cards are not accompanied by colorful images, they still offer some valuable information about the disease.

The health cards are pretty useful especially when you quickly need to know the symptoms or are looking up diseases for educational purpose. For example, if you are looking for chicken pox, the health card directs you to an “About” page with information on how many cases have been reported in the U.S every year and if it’s curable. Other cards for “Symptoms” and “Treatments” help you diagnose and potentially treat. The cards suggest the types of treatments available, which in this example includes typical prescriptions, soothing remedies, and the types of doctors you would want to consult. All cards carry a rating that show how common or rare the diseases are.

Via: AndroidAuthority