Google Duplex feature now available for non-Pixel phones

Early last month, Google started expanding Duplex to more states in the U.S., amounting to a total of 43. At the time, the search giant promised to bring the AI-driven assistant to more Android and iOS devices in the “coming weeks” and indeed, the rollout has begun, as reported by XDA Developers.

Google Duplex is an AI-driven assistant that makes calls on your behalf to book appointments and make reservations in restaurants. The feature was first revealed at the Google I/O 2018, but since its official arrival later in the year, it has been limited to Google Pixel phones.

Today, XDA reports that Google Duplex is now rolling out to non-Pixel phones like Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+. Of course, more devices are expected to receive this feature, but it’s still unclear if there is any criterion for the rollout, although it’s likely that it will be available for devices with at least Android 9 Pie on board.

For now, the Google Duplex feature is limited to the U.S. market, but like the Call Screen feature that has been expanding to more markets, we expect Duplex to eventually find its way out of the U.S., although we can’t say much about the next destination.

The rollout seems to have just started, so it may take time before every eligible device gets the new feature. Do let us know if your device has already received Duplex in the comments section below.



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