Google Chrome will block bad ads on websites from February 15

chrome ad blocking

Google has officially given an ultimatum to website owners to start removing bad ads. If you fail to do so, the search giant will start blocking your website ads on its Chrome browser, both on desktop and mobile starting February 15.

Earlier this year, Google announced that they would start blocking ads on websites if they don’t pass their Ad Experience Report. According to them, a lot of websites have bad ads, which include flashing ads, ads with sounds, full-page ads, and more. These ads are the main reason that users are resorting to Ad blockers, which then makes it difficult for free content to exist.

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Most websites require ads to make money, and if they don’t make money, the cannot survive. Now if a user has installed an ad blocker, then that’s bad for the website as well as Google. Therefore, if a website fails in conforming to the Better Ads Standards and has a ‘failing’ status for more than 30 days, then Google will remove all ads from the site.

This is good news for users, as you will no longer see those annoying ads on websites if you use Chrome on your desktop and mobile. No need to download and install an ad blocker anymore.

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If you own a website, then you should probably check its score by submitting it to Google’s Ad Experience Report via Google Webmaster Tools. The search giant also provides support in this forum. We recommend you do this soon and remove annoying ads from your site.

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