Gmail gets ‘Restore Contacts’ Feature. Equally Good for Android’s Contacts Sync too!

Android Contacts Restore

Are you too one of those who won’t use the android’s sync feature for contacts, only because the accidental delete/merge or import in contacts may get permanent on your Gmail account too? Even if that sounds ridiculous I know some guys who just do that and in fact, use a widget to force easy sync as and when they feel good to do.

But it wouldn’t be required now, since the Gmail team at Google has just rolled out an update which will let users restore their contacts to previous state. Gmail will give you default options to restore your contacts, the time limits being:

  • 10 minutes ago
  • 1 day ago
  • Yesterday
  • 1 week ago
  • Custom, just specify the day, hours and minutes (Since there is no mention of months here, we assume the restore is limited to maximum of 30 days)

So, syncing is definitely improved with the Gmail contacts restore feature. Next time you delete or merge or do anything stupid with your contact(s) accidently or otherwise, Google’s got you totally covered. Just don’t be lazy to make the amends within 30 days, though!

Tip: If you delete a contact on android phone and want it back, first of all stop the phone from syncing. Go to Gmail contacts and get the contact from there. If the phone already synced and removed the contact from Gmail too, use the Gmail’s restore feature (make sure it’s been activated on your Gmail account) to get it back and then sync your android device.


Source Gmail Official Blog

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  1. u didnt help me at all ! how will i restore my contact ?

  2. u didnt help me at all ! how will i restore my contact ?

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