Give your kids access to limited apps and games only with Kids Mode Xposed module

Do you have kids? You want to give your phone to them for games, but don’t want them to mess with it? Enable Kids mode using Xposed Kids Mode module, so that they have only access to the selected apps, and nothing else. It is password protected.

It is a really simple app. The main UI shows the options such as, enable kids mode, kids application and change unlock pattern. Follow these steps to enable kids mode (Follow the only after activating the Xposed Kids mode module from Xposed Installer (follow the steps given at the end of this post for that)

  1. Choose the apps to be enabled from Kids application option in the menu.
  2. Change the password from the unlock password option. (The Default password is 1234).
  3. Enable the Kids mode from Enable Kids mode option.

That’s it. Once you have enabled the kids mode it’ll show shortcuts to the enabled apps, in a matrix of 9 icons. The last icon in that shows the unlock option, which pops up an option to enter the password to exit from kids mode.

Xposed Kids Mode comes free and can be downloaded from Xposed Module repo (link is given below). The number of Kids mode applications is limited to three by default, and can be increased to 8 apps by purchasing the Kids Mode Unlocker app from play store.


Xposed installer → download link

Xposed Kids Mode → download link

Kids Mode Unlocker → download link

Installation instructions

  1. Make sure you have proper Root Permissions on your device, as Xposed Installer prompts for Superuser permissions.
  2. Install Xposed Installer on your device and Reboot your device.
  3. Install the Xposed Kids Mode module on your device and activate it in the Xposed Installer.
  4. Reboot your device once again and you’ll have the kids mode option.