Get the MIUI v4 Touch on Your CM7 Rom with a Theme

Ice Cream Sandwich is the flavor of the season, be it custom ICS ROMs, or themes that give you a flavor of ICS on your device. In the land of themed custom ROMs, MIUI ranks high up there with its elegant and classy interface, and the level of detail that exists in its themes.

MIUI v4 is the latest iteration of MIUI, and is based on Ice Cream Sandwich, or ICS as it’s lovingly called. XDA member jasonevil has just released a brand new theme based on the MIUI v4. The theme can be used by anyone who is running a custom ROM which supports T-Mobile’s theme chooser feature.

As you can see in the screenshots above, it really is a looker, and those who would rather continue with Gingerbread for now, till fully functional ICS builds are out, can use this ( provided your ROM supports T-mobile Theme Chooser), can go ahead and install this beauty.

Compatibility: This theme is only compatible with devices running ROMs which includes the T-Mobile Theme Chooser feature. It will not work with ROMs which do not include that feature. So flash at your own risk. You have been forewarned!!

Download Links

MIUI 4 HDPI version ( HIgh-resolution devices like Galaxy S, Galaxy S2, HTC Desire, HTC Desire HD )

MIUI 4 MDPI version ( Medium resolution devices like HTC Legend and HTC Wildfire)

Installation Guide

  1. Download the apk file depending upon your device resolution
  2. Connect your phone to computer via USB cable and transfer the downloaded file to the root of the internal sdcard on your phone
  3. Disconnect the phone from computer
  4. Using a File Explorer, navigate to the root of internal sdcard, Select the apk file you transferred in Step 2, and install it
  5. Exit File Explorer
  6. From the home screen,click Menu, then click Theme chooser
  7. Select MIUI 4
  8. You will get an error message saying “Sorry, this theme is missing assets for your device’s screen size.” Don’t worry, Hit apply anyway.
  9. Now exit Theme chooser and reboot your phone.
  10. Once it reboots completely, you will be greeted with the awesome looking MIUI4 interface on your device. Enjoy!!

Note:  The custom background image used in the Menus, can make it a bit difficult to read the text in the DeskClock app.  You can download and install the fix below to take care of the issue.

How to fix Deskclock.apk

You can visit the original development thread HERE.

Go ahead and flash this theme ( on a compatible device) and show it off to your friends. And if you have any comments, or face any issues during installation, give us a shout in comments below, and we’ll help you out.