Gangstar Vegas – mafia game update brings new costumes, sci-fi flying machine and other new features

The Gangstar Vegas – mafia game from Gameloft has received a new update bearing version number 3.2.0 that brings new levels and features, besides making the game whole lot harder.

The latest update lets you unlock level 2 and 3 for the Osteo-X Medium Exoskeleton. In addition to new levels, the update has added new costumes. The criminally cool costumes include One-Man Army, sheriff deputy, and the mystical Grody Bandages.

Further, the app introduces a new sci-fi flying machine that goes by the moniker Strikewind. Now you can spread terror in the skies as well.

In addition to costumes and flying machine, the update brings a new bolt-blasting Quillgun, which lets you nail your enemies. Talking about guns and rifles, the update also brings zoom for sniper levels.

And the best (or the worst) part, the game overall has become more difficult now. Further, to make the game more engaging, some cars now have armed passengers, so be careful while playing the updated game.

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