Galaxy S9 expected to release in February 2018, in line with previous S series releases

galaxy s9

We may have a more accurate date for the Samsung Galaxy S9 launch if this new report is to be believed. Samsung usually unveils its new Galaxy S lineup in February, just before the start of Mobile World Congress.

Keeping that in mind, the report states that Samsung will announce the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus on February 27, 2018, in Barcelona, Spain. The South Korean mobile giant had actually thought of announcing the phone in August, to better rival Apple’s iPhone X, but decided to go with the February date.

Galaxy S9 and S9+ Specs

What may change, is the release date, as in the date when the phones would go on sale. Since the arrival of iPhone X didn’t affect the Galaxy S8 sales that much, Samsung may release the Galaxy S9 a little earlier. Last year, the Galaxy S8 was available for purchase in April, so the Galaxy S9 could arrive in March.

We’ve already heard rumors and reports that the Galaxy S9 has already entered mass production. There won’t be a lot of design changes with the new device. It is expected to look exactly similar to the Galaxy S8. The only change would be the placement of the fingerprint sensor, which would be moved below the camera module.

Galaxy S9 could feature in-display fingerprint scanner

This report also mentions that if Samsung wants, they could release the phone in February and announce it in January, but they won’t. So, as with older reports, it looks like the Galaxy S9 is indeed coming in February 2018.

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