Galaxy S8 China release date rumored to be May 5th

Samsung’s upcoming flagship is hardly two weeks away from getting official and here we are juggling with all the leaks hinting at the release dates of Galaxy S8 in different markets. With so much pouring in, it has become more of a number game now. Unveiling date: March 29th; Global Release: April 21st; Opening of pre-orders: April 7th to 17th; Canada release: April end. And now add another date to this list. That of release of Galaxy S8 in China which, as per a new rumor, will be May 5th.

A report flown in from China itself via Weibo suggests that Samsung plans to make the premium Galaxy S8 available in the country by May 5th. This should be disheartening for Samsung fans in China as it’s a little late compared to the release dates in US, UK, Korea and Canada. But this should bring a smile on the face of competing Chinese OEMs such as Oppo, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Huawei and others as it gives them some more time to aggressively market and sell their products before a high-end device from a stiff competitor stands in their way.

Even though the China release has been scheduled for May, the pre-order for Galaxy S8 will start by April 28th, the Weibo leak suggests.

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Now this is one smartphone we have been waiting for eagerly. Samsung too has been playing its cards pretty well this time. It captured the attention at MWC 2017 with Galaxy Tab S3 while keeping S8 for a March-end launch. Further, all new reports about S8 donning a face scanner which would have the ability to authenticate mobile payment and the 1000fps recording capacity of the on board camera have just added to the hype.

No wonder, after the Note 7 fiasco which cost Samsung billions of dollars, the Korean company has put all its eggs in the Galaxy S8 basket hoping all of them to get hatched and bring back its lost fortune.

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