Galaxy S8 camera: May not feature IMX204 sensor

Today’s tidbits about the Galaxy S8 have surfaced and they talk about one of the most important feature you’d be critical about: the camera.

Earlier, as the source claims, they suspected that Sony’s IMX204 CMOS sensor is what that will be helping you capture snaps on the Galaxy S8, but it seems they are being produced not for Samsung, but a certain ‘card machine‘ (translated term, could be anything, but Galaxy S8).

So, that is leading the rumor mill to believe that IMX204 won’t grace the Galaxy S8’s camera, and in turn, it looks like Samsung Samsung might ask Sony to produce another custom camera module for its Galaxy S8, with a different sensor than IMX204.

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Well, whatever camera sensor Sony is going to produce, and Samsung is going to employ on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, we’re sure it will be industry leading, with more than not chances of it being the best camera around. Galaxy S8 has truck of expectations on its shoulder, and Samsung knows it has to load it to the fullest.

We’re certain now Galaxy S8 won’t make it to MWC 2017 — where Samsung is choosing to showcase Galaxy Tab S3 — while we would definitely see LG G6 and HTC 11 thereat.

Source: Meng Meng Weibo

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