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Update [May 04, 2017]: The Weather Widget is also available now, here. To install it on your Samsung device running Android 7.0, just download the zip file from above link, and extract it to get the two APK files from it. Now, install both APK files using a file manager (just tap on the APK file to begin installation).

Now, go to your device’s homescreen, and look for widget. You shall find S8’s weather app widget. Make sure you are on Nougat, as that is a requirement.

Original article: About four weeks left till the big reveal of the Galaxy S8 and some of the Galaxy S8 apps are already available as an APK on the web, and even ported over to the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7, Note 4 and Note 5. it says there that you need to be on Nougat for this, but even Marshmallow users are reporting success with these apps.

This should be enough to quench the thirst of all you Samsung loyalists out there, at least for now. Glossing over the few ported apps, they involve the S8 Music Player app, the Voice recorder, the Video app, S Translator and Sound Camp.

In all honesty, these apps pretty much retain the characteristics and features of the apps found on the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S6. But we could expect the apps to be updated with new bells and whistles in the coming future.

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As for the original lineup of apps that are to come to feature in the upcoming flagship, we’ll get to confirm that come March 29th at Samsung’s official launch ceremony. Things are looking on point for the Galaxy S8 with benchmark results revealing where the device stands. Rest assured, it definitely tops the list, so no worries there.

Find the Galaxy S8 Apps for your Samsung device here (thanks to Albe95)


  1. It says Note 4 twice. I think you mean Note 5 and Note 4?

  2. It says Note 4 twice. I think you mean Note 5 and Note 4?

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