Galaxy Note FE won’t feature Infinity Display, will have a home button on front

Samsung Galaxy Note fans would have to wait till Galaxy Note 8 is out, to experience the Infinity Display. Unless, of course, if you buy Samsung S8 or S8+.

Okay. Putting this in a subtle way, the refurbished version of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 aka Galaxy Note FE won’t feature Infinity display as was previously rumored. Instead, Note FE will come equipped with the same 5.7-inch HD Super AMOLED display, which was present on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

The primary reason behind this development is the additional cost and time involved to change the overall design of Galaxy Note 7. In addition to that, if Samsung equips Note FE with Infinity display, then there won’t be much difference in the upcoming Note device, Note 8. So, Samsung has decided to skip Infinity display in Note FE.

Skipping the Infinity display also brings back the traditional physical home button on Note FE. Hence, there would be no on-screen fingerprint sensor but the usual sensor present in the home button.

Samsung Galaxy Note FE, which is set to release on July 7 in Korea, has the same features as ill-fated Note 7. However, it will have 3,200mAh battery capacity instead of 3,500mAh battery present on Galaxy original Note 7. Also, it will ship with Samsung’s AI, Bixby.

Source: News Korea