Galaxy Note 9 design revealed in full in leaked images

We know that Samsung is getting ready to launch the Galaxy Note 9 in about three weeks’ time and today, we have what is believed to be the first live images of the phone revealing both the front and back panels.

Prior to this leak, we’ve heard rumors that the Galaxy Note 9 will stick to the same design language as its predecessor and like the Galaxy S9 with respect to the S8, there will be a few tweaks here and there. This is what we see in the leaked images, confirming that the Note 9 will indeed be identical to the Note 8 in terms of design.


One noticeable design change, though, is the arrangement of the dual-lens camera and fingerprint scanner on the back, where the latter now lives just below the former. Well, none of this should be a surprise for anyone who has been following Galaxy Note 9 developments closely.

Now that we know much about the appearance of the Note 9 as well as the internals, what only remains is the company to unveil the device and reveal the price and availability details, with reports suggesting that sales will begin on August 24 alongside the much-awaited Samsung Galaxy Watch.

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