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Galaxy Note 5 Nougat update coming soon to India, Brazil, Mexico and other countries that use model SM-N920G

The Galaxy Note 5 sporting model number SM-N920G was spotted on GFXbench running Android 7.0 Nougat. That’s good news, something which tells us that Nougat update for that SM-N920G is coming soon too, as only few days ago, Samsung released the Android 7.0 for Note 5, but only for model no. SM-N920C.

Model no. SM-N920G is used by Samsung in Asia mainly — India, Sri Lank, etc. are in line, yes! — but many other countries, like Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, etc.

Even though the Note 5 isn’t exactly a new device now, it’s performance in no way is compromised. The Galaxy Note 5 carries the horsepower to perform to the Note series standards. And with Android 7.0 Nougat, you can expect a lot more performance and optimization to be gained.

Turkey seems to have been the first place in the middle east sector to get the Nougat OTA for the Galaxy Note 5 (model number SM-N920C). We can expect more regions like Kuwait and other in the middle east to receive the Nougat OTA soon.

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It won’t be long before other countries start receiving their fare share of Nougat for the Note 5. With hardly two weeks left till the launch of the upcoming Galaxy S8, Samsung is trying it’s best to keep it’s current lineup polished and

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Source: GFXbench