Samsung Galaxy Note 10 could have 45W fast charging support, but ditches microSD expansion

The official unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is only a couple of weeks away, but we still don’t have a concrete idea of what to expect. We are pretty much aware of how the device would look, but apart from that, we have been blinded by contradicting news.

One of the trusted names in the smartphone industry, Evleaks (via Sammobile), has claimed that the regular Galaxy Note 10 will have 45W fast charging support but won’t have a microSD card slot.

Samsung’s decision to omit the microSD card slot isn’t entirely surprising, but the 45W fast charging support was meant to stay exclusive to the Note 10+.

Evleaks hasn’t blatantly claimed that the smaller Note 10 won’t have microSD expansion. But the fact that the device could launch with a minimum of 256GB of onboard storage in many markets hints at that direction.

Evleaks has also claimed that the Note 10 and Note 10+ would pack Qualcomm’s fastest processor yet – the Snapdragon 855+, which is also contradictory to earlier claims.

Samsung has done pretty well to keep most of it under wraps, and we probably will have to wait until the final launch to see what the device truly has on offer.

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