Samsung to release Galaxy C5 Pro in Hong Kong too pretty soon

When the Galaxy C9 Pro launched, it sure did what Samsung intended to do, make heads turn. And Samsung will do the same with the soon to release Galaxy C5 Pro. The Galaxy C5 Pro’s (Model Number SM-C5010) support page just went live in Hong Kong too — been already for China, BTW! — which makes us believe that C5 Pro may not be China-exclusive when it launches.

Some perspective, Galaxy C9 Pro remained a China-exclusive for long period of time, until it became available in Hong Kong, about a month or two later, followed by release in Indian market. Here’s a hoping that Galaxy C5 Pro reaches markets in Europe and India pretty soon, too.

The Galaxy C5 Pro isn’t in the same class as the rest of the Galaxy devices. You could say it’s made a niche for itself in between the A series and the S series. In a nutshell the C series is aimed at power users who want pure performance but without having to empty too much from your pockets.

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The C5 Pro, like its bigger brother, is expected to feature a whopping 6GB of RAM (there could be a 4GB variant, too), a 5.5-inch FHD Super AMOLED display and a large battery. Being the underdog in the C series there should be a few caveats that stand out.

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The Snapdragon 625 processor which is expected to power the C5 Pro is where Samsung might have cut corners. The chipset isn’t slow or weak in any way, but considering the C series is oriented towards power users it is a bit of a let down. Nevertheless, the Snapdragon 625 is highly power efficient and should be able to deliver good battery life.

Source: Samsung