Galaxy A9 Pro Root and TWRP Recovery Status

Galaxy A9 Pro Root and TWRP status: Not yet available

Shipments for the Samsung Galaxy Pro A9 have started in the Malaysia, and it won’t be long before the device reaches to stores in the rest of the world. If you’re someone like us, you probably care about a device’ rootability before making a purchase.

Well, thankfully, international variants of Samsung Galaxy devices ships with unlocked bootloaders. So if you’re planning on pocketing the Galaxy A9 Pro, it’s good to know that it’ll be rooted soon.

The Galaxy A9 Pro root can be achieved either via CF Auto Root (via Odin) OR flashing SuperSU zip (via TWRP) OR by using the KingRoot app. We personally prefer to use either CF Auto Root (CFAR) or SuperSU zip with TWRP for rooting Samsung Galaxy devices.

As of now, CFAR and TWRP recovery isn’t available for the Galaxy A9 Pro. But it’s nothing to worry about, at the time of this writing it has only been a day since Samsung launched the device into market. So give it few weeks or a month to get TWRP recovery and root access.

We’ll be sure to update this post as soon we come to know of a working TWRP recovery build (official or unofficial) OR if CFAR releases for the Galaxy A9 Pro.

Stay tuned.. Happy Androiding!

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