Flattr Android App: Show love to Your favorite Developers with just One Click

Flattr Android App

Flattr, a micro payment system to donate for services you like on internet with just one click, has got a dedicated app in the android market. The service is also available for developers now, for integration with their apps, making it easier to get donations/payments from users.

Flattr is not too much known in cyber space but it does a very decent job of bridging the gap between content users and content makers with just one click. In case you’re wondering, Flattr is a ‘micropayment system’ that lets you make payments very quickly to any blog, website, service, app, etc. provided there is in-built support for the service.

Flattr android app has just hit the android market (developed by Flattr4Android with assistance by Flattr Team), which lets user scan a ‘Flattr button QR Code’ to make a payment rather than clicking one. Now very much with the app but Flattr has just brought support for android developers, who can now integrate their apps using the Flattr’s software development kit. Integration will add a button in the developer’s app, clicking on which will make a small payment (as specified by the user in his Flattr settings) to the developer.

Only users with a Flattr account will be able to make a payment. The account is free to set-up, and one can add funds to his Flatter account by means of credit card, moneybookers or PayPal account. Specify your settings once, and you’re quite ready to flatter the developers with just one click. Not only android apps, you can use the service to support/appreciate any work on Internet provided they’ve their service integrated with the Flattr. No hassles and worries of using your PayPal account each and everytime for small donations here and there.

Right now, we don’t if there is any single app — out of supposedly 200,000 apps in the android market — that supports Flattr, since the service is still very new to android developers. But we do expect android developers to get this simplest of option available in their apps so that it’s easy for users to make a kind donation that easily. It’s more than godsend service to developers from countries where developer support by Google still lacks.

Download Flattr for Android using the QR Code/Link below.

Download Flattr

Android Market Link

So, what’s your view about the Flattr. Are you using Flattr, or now that you know about it, will you (as user or developer) use this service?

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