Enjoyed Avengers: Age of Ultrons? Check out what Netmarble has in store for you

Avengers: Age of Ultron had kept us all on tentherhooks as we awaited the arrival of some of the fiercest and most beloved superheroes from the Marvel universe to take on the nasty Ultrons. Well, the movie — which had already been released in some parts of the world beforehand –hit the US theaters today. With everyone caught up in the excitement of the movie right now, Netmarble’s announcement of a brand new superhero game arrives right on mark. Yes sir, we are talking about Marvel Future Fight — a game that takes you to the thick of battle in future earth.

The storyline of the game — penned by Peter David, co-creator of Spider-Man 2099 — starts with a scene of the future earth which is under invasion by inter-dimensional villains and has been all but destroyed. The next scene depicts a female robot Jocosta, who has been sent to present day by Nick Fury. The one-eyed SHIELD boss is apparently dying and wants to warn the Avengers of the sinister danger that approaches them as they must battle it out in order to save the future.


The game begins with the player in control of three Avengers, namely: Iron Man, Captain America, and the Black Widow who must get through 9 chapters — each with a bunch of missions in increasing order of difficulty — eventually gaining control of other superheroes and supervillains from the Marvel universe in order to save the earth.


The gameplay has been kept sweet and simple, there are no unnecessary controls to boggle your mind and no long button sequences you must remember to perform your special moves. There are two control schemes to choose from — 1-Touch or Pad. In the 1-Touch scheme, you tap the place on the screen you want to move to while tapping on an enemy lets them have some of the old one-two while the Pad mode lets you control things through a joystick on the left side of the screen and an attack button on the right side. In addition, both the schemes have additional buttons for your hero’s special moves like Captain America’s shield throw and so on.


What makes the game even better is that everyone is here. You have all the guys from the Avengers movie, Heroes and Villains from the Spider-Man series and many more characters to choose from. We also saw folks from Guardians of the Galaxy somewhere around the game, so maybe they could join the party sometime later as well.

Lets sum up by taking a look at the Pros and Cons of the game.


  • You need energy to play — Hence the annoying wait between games.
  • Missions get pretty hard near the end, tempts players to spend real bucks to purchase premium stuff to make things easier.


  • Great storyline, simple gameplay and cool graphics all rolled into one.
  • A whole bunch of favorite characters to choose from.
  • Multiple play modes such as Campaign, 3vs3 and Multiplayer.

If you are a Marvel addict, we would definitely advise you to go for the game. You can download it from the play store by clicking this link.

Source: AndroidCentral