Download Samsung Galaxy S5 PIT files

If you are unable to fix your Samsung Galaxy S5 simply by flashing a firmware using Odin, then perhaps you need some more to it. That’s why you need PIT file, to be flashed along with the firmware using Odin.

→ Make sure you select the right PIT file. Because using wrong PIT file can permanently damage your device.

Not only you have to carefully pick up the PIT file as per device model no. but you also have to pay attention to the partition size of the device too.

Pay attention to size of hidden partition specified at the end of the filename. Make sure you Galaxy S5 also has the same size of hidden partition wherever applicable.

You have to consider hidden partition’s size when there are two or more files available for your Galaxy S5 variant.

To fix Galaxy S5 with bad partitions, you would need to select the PIT file — as relevant for your device, go by the model no. — along with the firmware file.

If you plan to use the PIT file, then better use latest version of Odin, v3.10.6. And select the firmware in AP option, while select the PIT file in PIT option under the separate PIT tab in the software.

Download PIT file based on your S6’s model no., and check that in Settings > About device screen, or on the packaging box of the device.

PIT files are available for following model nos. of Galaxy S6:

International Galaxy S5

Chinese Galaxy S5

Korean Galaxy S5

USA Galaxy S5

Btw, in case you’re wondering, the PIT files are common for a particular model no. with different memory capacity. As long as model no. is same, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a 32GB set, or 64 or 128 GB one. Although, pay attention to size of hidden partition given at the end of the filename. Be sure to choose the PIT file for your device’s model no. otherwise you may brick your device.

To flash firmware along with PIT file, use the Odin 3.10.6 or Odin 3.10.7 tool (as you see in screen shot above).

Via SamFirm (manh_IT)

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