[Download] Galaxy Tab A Marshmallow update T550XXU1BPE1 and T355XXU1BPE2

Samsung has started pushing down the Marshmallow update for Galaxy Tab A tablets. We’re seeing both the 8.0″ Tab A and 9.7″ Tab A receive the update, but while it’s the 3G/LTE version of Tab A 8.0″ (SM-T355) that’s getting Marshmallow update, it’s the WiFi only version for Tab A 9.7″. The coveted Android 6.0 update carries the build no. of T355XXU1BPE2 for Tab A 8.0, while for Tab A 9.7, it’s T550XXU1BPE1. The exact version is Android 6.0.1, btw.

Samsung is already in the process of sending the OTA notification for the Marshmallow update on the above tablets, but that is a gradual process that takes some time.

→ Download Tab A Marshmallow update firmware

If you aren’t someone who could patiently wait, and are someone who want to take things in their hand, then download and install the update now all by yourself. Check out the page linked right above, it’s our firmware download page, and grab the 6.0.1 Marshmallow update for your Tab A now. Be sure to match the model no. of your device with first digits of the download — it’s very, very important.

After downloading the firmware, check the hot to install section on the above page to get a guide on installing the firmware on your Tab A, which is actually very easy.

Have fun! And do let us know how the Tab A Marshmallow update is to your liking.

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