Download Galaxy Launcher: A highly Customizable Launcher with design hints from Galaxy S5 Launcher and TouchWiz

Ever since Samsung released its latest flagship, Samsung Galaxy S5 everyone craved upon its design and the latest Touchwiz customizations. Haven’t owned a Galaxy S5 yet? Still want to try out the new Touchwiz experience. Here is the latest Galaxy Launcher which is a home screen replacement app based on the Galaxy S5 Launcher with TouchWiz interface.

Galaxy Launcher is a home screen replacement app that is built around the latest TouchWiz interface. This launcher features stock Kitkat experience with customizable icon and text sizes. It supports Icon packs from ADW launcher. So don’t take a back step if you are into changing icon styles in a regular course. It has a highly customizable desktop and general UI aspects like Infinite scroll and elastic scroll.

You are given the option of hiding apps in the drawer allowing you to hide some of the junk apps you don’t use on a normal basis. The launcher includes the TouchWiz Scrolling effect for the real TouchWiz experience. The icons and widgets on the desktop screens are resizable. The transitions between the screens is crisp and the layout is elegant.

The Good
  • Gives the best TouchWiz experience from other home screen replacement apps.
  • Smooth Transitions
  • Persistent Launcher capability
  • Support to ADW icon packs
The Bad
  • Limited transition effects

Get it on the play store using the link below.

  Download Galaxy Launcher

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