Download BlackBerry KEYone stock wallpapers

BlackBerry unveiled their latest smartphone last month before the start of Mobile World Congress. Dubbed as the KEYone, the new smartphone has a candy bar design with a display and a physical keyboard as well.

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Unlike the BlackBerry Priv, which had a slider design, the KEYone has everything out in the open. It is a very different design and BlackBerry hopes that would help in sales. Another cool thing about the KEYone is that the fingerprint scanner is located beneath the spacebar key on the physical keyboard.

Now, BlackBerry has stated that the KEYone would go on sale in early Q, so that’s still a few months from now. If you can’t wait for the device, but want to try out the new wallpapers that are bundled with it, then you’re in luck.

We have included a download link below that includes the new BlackBerry KEYone stock wallpapers. Unfortunately, there are only two new wallpapers that comes with the device.

Download BlackBerry KEYone Wallpapers

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