Disable System Apps using App Quarantine Android App [Requires Root]

Disable Apps on Android 2.x using App Quarantine Android App

I’m sure there are tons of people out there who hardly ever use some ( in my case, most) of the pre-installed apps on their Android Devices ─ not because they are not useful, but just because we have all grown accustomed to using some third party apps which work best for specific purposes ( Opera Mobile or Dolphin HD, for one) than their default system counterparts. These default apps tend to continue being part of your app list, and possibly also have services running in the background ( much like a Windows machine), despite you never really using them. This is where App Quarantine comes in…

App Quarantine is a useful little app developed by Ramdroid. The tool helps you get rid of unwanted system apps as well as regular apps on your device, without really having to uninstall them. App Quarantine freezes unwanted apps and removes the locked ones from your app drawer. All background services for these apps are also frozen. To restore any of these quarantined apps, all you have to do is go back to the list of locked apps, and select the ones you want restored ─ simple, ain’t it??

There’s also a widget to quarantine apps directly from your homescreen, and Custom ROMS are also supported.

When App Quarantine is launched on an Android 3.0 tablet then it will look little different compared to phones because there’s also a UI which is especially designed for large tablet screens.

Give it a whirl, you can download it from the Android market.

[button link=”http://market.android.com/details?id=com.ramdroid.appquarantine” icon=”” style=””]Download App Quarantine[/button]

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