Details about ARM Cortex A55, Cortex A75 and Mali G72 leak out

New information on the latest ARM CPU cores and GPU has made it into our hands, thanks to a recent leak. This is a very comprehensive leak so we’ll try to cover all the details in a simple and brief manner.

Mali G72

Let’s start with the new Mali-G72 GPU. The leak suggests that the new GPU trumps over 2017 devices by a 40% increase in performance. Rendering game graphics may also utilize less bandwidth on the G72 GPU. The leak also indicates that the GPU is optimized for better VR and Machine learning capabilities. The GPU may also deliver 20% more increase in performance and be 25% more efficient when compared to the Mali-G71.

Cortex A55

We all know that the Cortex-A53 is like the staple of many mid range and low-end devices. This may soon get bumped to the Cortex-A55 which is allegedly two times faster and 15% more efficient than the current gen Cortex-A53. The Cortex-A55 cores may also get to support a cluster of eight cores as compared to the quad-core Cortex-A53 cluster found on many mid rangers of today.

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Cortex A75

Moving to the new Coretx-A75, this is highest performance Cortex core expected to arrive from ARM Holdings. The Cortex-A75 cores are projected to give 20% more performance compared to the A73. The A75 is also suggested to have much better benchmark results.

DynamIQ big.LITTLE

This new generation of cores are also suggested to be built on the new DynamIQ big.LITTLE technology. This tech allows the cores to configured in a much more efficient manner, thereby making it possible to see the numbers quoted above.

All of the leaked information mentioned above is based on alleged slides of the presentation to be held at ARM TechCon towards the end of this year. Since, the conference is a couple of months away and also because we have no way of verifying any of data, do take it with the usual grain of salt.

Source: VideoCardz