Deal: Sprint Galaxy S6 64GB going for $200 only at eBay

Here’s a great deal on Samsung’s 2015 flagship phone, the Galaxy S6. The device is up for grabs at eBay at an unbelievable price of $200. Yes, you read that right. A flagship phone from a top OEM at the price of a lower mid-range phone. Sadly, the deal is available only in the US.

eBay is selling the 64GB Galaxy S6 locked to Sprint carrier. This may come as a bit of disappointment for users of other carriers like T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon. But then, you can always get your phone unlocked by shelling out a few bucks as a small fee amount.

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A little pain for a killer deal as this where Galaxy S6 can be purchased at only $200 is worth taking. Isn’t it? After all, considering the fact that officially Samsung is still selling the device for $600 above and so is Sprint, to let go off this eBay Galaxy S6 deal will be too foolhardy.

Although Amazon is giving away Galaxy S6 at $279, which is far less than its official price, it is still above the $200 price being offered by eBay.

If the deal has got you hooked, you would like to know that eBay is selling the Sprint Galaxy S6 64GB in Black and White colors with free 1-year warranty and free shipping. But the stock is limited, so you need to hurry to the eBay store be able to avail the great deal. Here’s the link:

Buy Sprint Galaxy S6 64GB for $200 only

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  1. another great deal, though this phone is a 2 year old flagship but for the price of 200$ there is absolutely no smartphone in the market that can challenge it’s glory in any department (except battery life, that’s pretty weak on this phone)!! The absolute Best deal so far for anyone who wants to use a flagship S-series smartphone from Samsung and has a tight budget of 200$!!

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