Install the CyanogenMod 7 (CM7) Messaging App on Samsung Galaxy S II

Samsung flagship device, the Galaxy S II, is yet to release in as many countries as it’s set for by Samsung, but the porting and theming work has already begun — and it feels beautiful, particularly if you look at the non-existence of such cool android-only stuff for the Xperia Arc, which, sadly, is yet to get a good ROM or tweaks. Although CM7 on Galaxy S II is what every S2 user would dream of to become available as soon as it can, some of the apps, it seems, have begun getting ported. For the optimists, it’s a good indication and one can hope that the whole set of CyanogenMod 7 is in the works. Well, I am yet to get my Galaxy S II, but I can’t just stop from crossing my fingers for the CM7 for the moment. Same for many of yous, right?

Okay, back to the apps getting ported from the CyanogenMod 7 for Galaxy S, the first one to start with is the CM7’s messaging app. Some users have had their complaints known to public regarding the Samsung’s stock messaging app on Galaxy S II, so no wonder someone — an XDA member, Risq, to be exactly — took up the task to get an option there. And a corresponding app from CM7 sounds just fine.

How to Install CyanogenMod 7 messaging app:

Thanks to Risq, we’ve a good step-by-step guide already made.

You must know that it’s a two-way process and because it doesn’t involve use of ADB, it’s friendly to users who are new to hacks. What you would need is a rooted Galaxy S II along with a root explorer app. The ‘Root Explorer’ app is available in the market for $3.87 (no free version, sadly) but it’s fully worth because its use over the phone’s life would totally justify it. But there are other free options, like the File Expert Android App, which is free and also has root explorer function, so get the file expert if you are not keen on spending money.

This MOD involves replacing your original Mms.apk in the system/app folder of your phone with the CM7’s Mms.apk. So, the first process is backing up the original mms.apk — you’ll need it to go back to original app when you wish so, or if something unexpected happens.

So, here’s what you need to do to Install CyanogenMod 7 messaging app on Galaxy S II.

Part I – Back Up Original Mms.apk:

1. Copy the file you downloaded here (Mms.apk) to the root of your SD card.
2. Unmount your SDCard from your PC.
3. Open up root explorer. At the top, hit the option where it says “”Mount R/W”. If you’ve done this, it should change to saying “Mount R/O””
4. Go into the following folders. System –> Apps
5. Scroll down until you see Mms.apk. Select it, and hold for a few seconds.
6. You’ll now be prompted with a box. Select “Rename”
7. We want to back-up the original app in case you want to revert. so rename it “mms.apk.bak” and press OK.
8. Select the file again, holding as we were before. Now select, Move. You”ll see we have some options appear at the bottom, ignore them for now.
9. Now hit the back key on your SGSII until you”re back at root (Displays in top left as :/
10. Scroll down until you see the folder, Sdcard and select it.
11. Now, we need to use the options at the bottom. Now we’re in our sdcard, select the open “paste”or move””.
12. You’ll see that we now have mms.apk.bak on our SDcard

Part II – Installing the CyanogenMod 7 messaging app

Download the CM7’s Mms.apk

[button link=”” icon=”arrow” style=””]CM7 Mms.apk[/button]

Follow the steps given below.

Basically, it’s the opposite of what we did before.
1.Select the new mms.apk from your SD card. Select “move”
2.Hit the back key, going back to root directory.
3.Go to the Systems folder, then apps.
4. Hit the “paste”of “move” button.
5. Scroll down to Mms.apk and select it by tapping once. It will now go through the install process.

That’s it, you’re done.

If you like this, you should thank the Risq’s post here, which is the official thread to discuss about this mod too.

On my part, I will make a Video Guide for you about How To use Root Explorer in File Expert, so that it becomes maximum easy to you. But, I will be using the Galaxy S 1 and not the Galaxy S 2 since the latter is yet to release here. Ah, don’t worry about the incompatibility of this MOD with my phone, I can take care of that.

^–^ Video Coming Soon ^–^

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