Cyanogen and Playphone Tie-Up to Include Social Game Store in CyanogenMod OS


Lately, Cyanogen has been involved in establishing strategic partnerships with firms including Truecaller and Microsoft among the rest. Now, the first has partnered with Playphone, a social game store maker for mobile.

On Thursday, the firm announced a distribution tie-up with Cyanogen to provide the Playphone Game Store on the commercial Cyanogen OS in the global markets this year. In a press statement, Playphone stated that it develops and operates social game stores across the world and offers a social gaming experience to the mobile gamers.


The firm notes that the Playphone Game Store is an engaging single application where gamers can download, share and play several popular games with their friends. Several advanced social features are integrated to the gaming experience, stated the firm. The firm further confirmed that it has increased its strategic focus on the emerging markets.

Playphone has detailed that the game developers can add games easily to the Playphone Game Store by adding their current Android game file (APK) to the developer portal. The technology used by Playphone integrates the games into the platform automatically. This provides a preferred local payment solution, best-in-class social features and a substantial distribution channel.

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