Create QR Codes easily with Easy QR Toolbox Android App

QR codes, or barcodes as most know them as, are quite useful as they can be scanned via a barcode scanner to obtain the information in them, such as links, information on products, and more. But what if you want to share some information with someone through a QR code?

Easy QR Toolbox is an app that lets you do exactly that. It’s quite simple. Just run Easy QR Toolbox, enter some text that you want to share to convert it into a QR code, then share it with your friends via any app that allows sharing of images, like Facebook, Gmail, etc. The app also allows you share links of apps in the Google Play Store via QR code, as well as contact information of any contact saved in your device.

Easy QR Toolbox is free on the Play Store and can be downloaded from the link below (or from the Play Store on your device). Try it out and start sharing info in style, through QR codes.

Download Easy QR Toolbox