Create Live Wallpapers yourself using the Xperia Motion app, available only in Japan

If you’re the type of user, who prefers to have you family or friends pics as your phone wallpaper, but wished you could use a personalized live wallpaper with just those pics, your wish just got granted. Sony Mobile has released this cool, new app called Xperia Motion Snap that lets you create your own Live wallpaper through a video taken on your phone.

Using the app is pretty simple, just launch the app, shoot a video that you want use as your live wallpaper, save it, and set it as your wallpaper. Simple as that. The app offers an option to set the video image quality to standard or high. For the most part, the app seems to work pretty well, from what we saw.

But wait, there is a small catch. Like a lot of cool stuff from Sony, the Xperia Motion Snap app is only available to users in Japan! Looks like Sony is not aware, that us mere mortals in the non-Japanese parts of the world are quite appreciative of such thoughtful apps, as well as quite capable of configuring and using them. Well, someday Sony will see the light and release all those uber-cool gadgets and phones they have been setting aside for Japan.

Till that day comes though, I guess we ought to be thankful for Android being such a flexible OS that allows easy side loading of APK files. So if you want try out  Xperia Motion Snap, hit the download button below to get the apk file.

[button link=”https://” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download Xperia Motion Snap[/button]

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