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Open Up Your Thoughts with Notegraphy. Create Stylish, Beautiful and Artistic Notes (and Quotes)

Notegraphy is a text styling/sharing app which really makes you question the conventional decorations of words. You can create highly artistic notes, which are styled automatically within the app using some of the more artistic designs one has ever laid their eyes on!

However, simply creating isn’t enough. You need to share it with the world for all to see. Notegraphy offers to share the notes you create with your Facebook and Twitter friends. You can even save the notes locally to your gallery, and share it using e-mail or WhatsApp. You can also share your notes with other users on Notegraphy, if you wish to.

The app does require you to sign up before using it, but if you have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can just login using that and start creating notes right away. Those who don’t have Facebook or Twitter can’t sign up — just kidding, there’s an email option for you lot too. Once you sign up, you can let your inner artist do the rest.

The UI of the app is one of the better designs out there, and so new users won’t feel lost. Creating a new note is as simple (and automatic) as typing desired text, choosing 1 out of the 30 available styles, and selecting the appropriate variation. Three steps, and you have a beautiful and artistic rendition of the simple text you entered, at your fingertips. Perfect for the artist on-the-go!

There’s also a web version of Notegraphy, visit the Notegraphy website and you can create and share notes from your browser (in case your phone runs out of juice). The website looks very clean and is an absolute joy to use, just like the app. Be sure to check it out, and let us know if you like it!

Btw, in case you are looking for a simple Notes app with cool feature set, check out Capsa Notes.

The Good:
  • Very easy to use
  • Free
  • No advertisements
  • 30 different text styles to choose from
  • Designed to design on-the-go
The Bad:
  • A little wobbly in Android 4.3 and below
  • Limited sharing options at the moment — however Tumblr and Instagram support are coming soon!

Get it on the play store using the link below. Let your inner artist shine!


Video Overview of Notegraphy Android App


More Notegraphy Screenshots