Crazy Taxi for Android coming soon!

Sega’s open world racing game Crazy Taxi, that debuted in 1999 and went on to become a cult classic, was released for iOS two days back, and Sega has announced that the game will be coming soon to Android as well, bringing crazy taxi mayhem to the platform.

For those who have never played, or even worse never heard of Crazy Taxi, the game involves picking up passengers and dropping them off to their destination, performing crazy stunts along the way to earn points. Fail to reach the destination in time, and watch your passenger jump out of your taxi. The game will also allow players to create their own soundtrack from the music on their devices, so that you can drive around like a madman while enjoying your favourite tunes, while also featuring the popular music from the original Crazy Taxi for the Dreamcast console.

Sega didn’t say when exactly the game will be released on Android, so while we’re waiting for that important detail, go ahead and watch the game’s trailer below.

Crazy Taxi iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch - Launch Trailer

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