Install Cool New MIUI Theme ─ LE Theme

If you like to use MIUI ROMs over other custom ROMs, you are clearly the kind of person who is likely to customize every aspect of the phone; from the Home Screen to the App Icons, to the lockscreen and would want to extend the theme even to your favorite applications. That’s where MIUI themes come in.

Unlike most custom themes out there, which just customize parts of the phone, MIUI themes extend the customization to the next level. Have a look at the screenshots above. This is a brand new MIUI theme created by XDA member sunnylovesalman — LE Theme. Like most of the top MIUI themes out there, it changes your device interface completely, transforming it into a whole new device altogether. Definitely worth showing off to your friends!!

Have a peek at some of the features of LE Theme:

  • Never before seen graphics
  • Task Bar Panel is completely themed
  • New animations for Enquiry screen and Dialer
  • Fresh new Icon set
  • ICS styled Folder Pattern
  • New Folder Inward pattern introduced
  • Applications installed automatically adopt theme icons


You must be running an MIUI ROM, for this theme to work. This theme is cross compatible across all devices which can run an MIUI ROM. Do not try to use this with other ROMs; it will not work.

Download Link

LE Theme for MIUI

How To Install LE Theme on your device

  1. Make sure you are running an MIUI custom ROM on your device
  2. Download the LE Theme from the link provided above, to your desktop
  3. Connect your phone to computer via USB cable
  4. Navigate to /MIUI/Themes on the Internal SDcard of your phone
  5. Transfer the LE Theme file (.mtz file) to /MIUI/Themes
  6. Disconnect from PC.
  7. Open the MIUI Theme Selector from the Home Screen Menu.
  8. Select LE Theme and Apply.
  9. That’s it. You should now be running this awesome theme on your device!! Enjoy!

You can visit the developer’s thread HERE to check for updates to this theme, and to read what others are experiencing. If you want to share your thoughts with us, do give a shout in comments below.

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