Convert Android Apps into Chrome Extension easily with Chrome APK Packager

As we all know, Google has started rolling out some of the Android apps to the Chrome Web store which allows you to run Android apps on Chromebook based on Chrome OS. Google had made only a few apps available in the Chrome web store. Within a few days, a developer tweaked the native Android runtime for Chrome (ARC) and released the ARChon Custom Runtime which makes almost any Android app to run in the Chrome browser on any Operating System that supports Chrome.

ARChon Custom Runtime seemed to be very interesting to us, and started to use it on our desktops. But the instructions were unclear and loading Android app on Chrome browser really seemed tricky. Now another developer has created an app called the Chrome APK Packager that lets you convert the Android apps into Chrome extensions right on your Android device. Such a relief it is, right?

The Chrome APK Packager is currently in the alpha builds and you can expect few bugs in the app. The app seems fairly simple to use, all you need to do is install the app and select an installed app on your device from the list and click on the Generate button. The Chrome APK Packager will automatically create the Chrome extension package in the form of a Zip file and store it in the SDcard under the ChromeAPK folder.

After the packaging is done, you can transfer the Zip file to the PC and unpack-it to load it as an unpacked extension in the Chrome browser. Once the extension is loaded, you can see it appearing along with other apps in the browser. For these extensions to run, you need have the ARchon Custom Runtime installed on your Chrome browser which will allow you to run these apps as any native Chrome app.

Download the latest Chrome APK Packager app from the XDA developers page link given below.

  Download Chrome APK Packager