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We know. You just realized something’s going on with something called Clubhouse and you’re supposed to know. Part of you wonders if you should care, but part of you supposes you don’t want to miss out. That latter sentiment — the fear of missing out — is part of what drove Clubhouse, the app you just heard about, to a billion-dollar valuation in almost no time. 

But first, what is Clubhouse?

What is Clubhouse?

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Clubhouse is an audio-only, invite-only chat platform that’s quickly stirring up quite a storm of PR itself due to exclusivity-driven allure and a quickly skyrocketing valuation that suggests many see Clubhouse as the next big thing in social media.

The drop-in audio chat app essentially mixes the goods of conferencing apps like Zoom with those of Discord, where users can congregate in virtual rooms based on interests and get chatting. Currently, however, the app is invite-only, meaning the only way to get in on the fun is through an invite from an existing user.

This immediately led to an air of exclusivity surrounding Clubhouse, as its initial userbase was heavily dominated by major names in tech and, eventually, other big celebrities, including Elon Musk, Kevin Hart, and Oprah. This air is being purposely cultivated by the platform itself, rather than a byproduct of their testing model.

One look at the namedropping on the Clubhouse Twitter feed is enough to confirm that this is more stupendously successful PR strategy than anything else. 

How Does Clubhouse Work?

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Clubhouse users, once they gain access, choose from a range of interests that the app uses to connect you with relevant, topic-related rooms like music, art, health, tech, etc. The rooms themselves basically function like a Discord voice chat, with users able to chat and essentially hang out online.

What separates Clubhouse from similar apps is the fact that there is no text feature for introverts to fall back on (though a large part of the community can mute themselves to just sit back and listen, of course) and, of course, who is using it. 

New users are given access to two invites only — meaning they can only create two more users. When the app first launched last year, new users were only given one invite each. The extra invite is part of the reason for Clubhouse’s seemingly sudden exponential growth in recent days.

Currently, the app is iOS only, so Android users will have to remain content to sit on their hands until the app becomes cross-platform. 

Where to get a Clubhouse Invite

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Now that the app is making waves across the other platforms and being heralded as the next big thing, everybody wants to get in on it. There’s a lot of traffic-chasers out there throwing up their hands, claiming to have “ways” to get into Clubhouse without an invite or…

From Social Media

Harnessing the power of the #clubhouse hashtag is one way to cast your net and make an appeal to whatever existing Clubhouse user with a remaining invitation happens to see your desperate plea. Keep in mind that the current userbase naturally enjoys being “in” and the sense of exclusivity that comes with it, and invitations aren’t being spent generously.

Indeed, the creators have already come under some criticism for promoting a sense of virtual elitism and echo chambers. Then again, who wouldn’t want to be part of the few that get direct access to industry leaders and network with top-tier names in their respective spaces? In short: market yourself accordingly if a Clubhouse invite means that much to you.

Now that you have realized that Clubhouse invites are rare to come by, you might think that looking for one is out of the question. However, there are a few places where you might be able to luck out and receive an invite for yourself. We have included a list of all the popular forum threads and hashtags that will help you find free as well as paid invites. Let’s take a look at all the resources currently available at your disposal. 

Note: We do not endorse any clubhouse invite sellers, so make payment at your sole discretion.

Reddit Threads

Here are some Reddit threads where you can look for Clubhouse Invites:

Subreddit Links

In case one of the giveaways is expired, you can always use the forum link above to find new and updated ongoing giveaways to get an invite to Clubhouse. 

Twitter Hashtags

In addition to the forum links above, there are also a few prominent hashtags that users around the world are using to share invites with each other. You can always follow the following hashtags below to find newly offered invites by Twitter users. 

Note: We do not recommend paying for any invites offered through Twitter

By Reserving Your Username

The only other viable way of obtaining entry into Clubhouse is by downloading the app ahead of time. Opening up Clubhouse without an invite will prompt you with an option to reserve your username ahead of time. Existing users who know you will be notified of your reservation and can “let you in” without spending their own invites.

Have you been smiled upon by the social media gods with a Clubhouse invite? Do you think the app is the next big thing or just an overblown hype-train driven by a fleeting sense of exclusivity?

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