Canada gets Xoom Price Drop of $100. New Price of WiFi only model is $499.

The WiFi only Motorola Zoom just got a huge boost in the form of new Android OS version 3.2 today and those living in Canada who were still mulling over the Xoom purchase, may find it even more harder now that the price of WiFi only version of this tablet has dropped by $100 — making it accessible at just $499. BTW, better-than-xoom Tab 10.1’s WiFi only model costs $499 only too, so that’s no brainer from Motorola. But it’s still very good news for those who prefer Xoom over Samsung’s Tab 10.1, for any reason.

But — this may act as a spoiler — it’s also been said drop in price that is happening everywhere Xoom was available is a sign of a-NEW-XOOM coming soon, of which no details whatsoever are available as of now and, it’s just one remote rumor. But, it’s still a one remote rumor!

Via Phandroid

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