Bogan’s Run – Run along with Gazza to win that box of beer

It’s that time of the year when a lot of awesome apps and games are out for bargain pricing on the Play Store. If you’ve been holding off on a paid app that you really liked for your shiny new, or for that matter, trusty old Android device, there’s no time like the end of December to get it, with developers typically throwing in bargain basement pricing, and even going so far as to offering it free for a limited period.

And if you’re a curious gamer, who ain’t so kicked up with buying that interesting new game you spotted last weekend, there’s nothing like a nice hefty discounted price to goad you into using that plastic you’ve got linked to your Google Play Store account. Hell, the Nexus 4 doesn’t seem to be coming back into stock any time soon, so may as well get a nice. exciting new game to bide the time.

Bogan’s Run is a brand new running game which involves a mysterious Bogan named Gazza, who needs to get to the top of a mystical tower to claim a prize that he has been promised by a magical monkey- of all things. And guess what the prize is — a full box of Gazza’s favorite beer. Well, given it’s New Years Eve, this sounds like an apt game for the truly adventurous mobile gamers out there.

Here’s the official description on what a Bogan is :

bogan, n. A creature commonly found in the western suburbs of Auckland, New Zealand and Sydney, Australia, though from time to time, they can accidentally wander into other regions, usually when in pursuit of members of the opposite sex or alcohol. Bogans are loud and obnoxious (particularly the female of the species) and dwell in run-down houses surrounded by rusty Australian V8 utes. The females are particularly fond of chewing gum and spitting it on the ground, sometimes causing sticky shoes, which on the feet of the right bogan, can be used for scaling walls. Bogans only listen to heavy rock music and are allergic to coloured fabric. Bogans generally never work for their income, instead preferring to rely on social welfare, though they can be coaxed into doing smaller jobs in return for a box of beer. Common bogan names for the males are Gazza, Dazza and Bazza, and all female bogan names almost exclusively begin with either “Sh” or “Ch”, such as Sharon, Shona, Cheryl, Chantelle and Sharmishkabarwapooway.

Now that you know what a bogan is, and what he needs to get to, have a look at this gameplay video and decide whether you are up for some serious tower climbing mayhem.

[youtube video_id=”LtpVhKjZUck” width=”620″ height=”400″ /]

Real cool game, ain’t it? This is definitely something I would be trying out first thing tomorrow morning. For now, it’s time to run up a different path for a case of my favorite beer that someone else has promised me.

Bogan’s Run has been developed by POLYGAMe d i g i t a l , and given the occasion of a brand new year comin’ up, it is available at a hefty discount. To grab it at the half-price introductory sale price, hit the download link below.

Bogan’s Run