Blue Moto G5 gets hands-on treatment [Video]

If you are looking to buy Moto G5, you must have been giving tis Blue color a serious thought. Well, good news for you, the Blue Moto G5 just received hands-on treatment on the web earlier today, and it’s here for you, right below.

Going over from the top, the Moto G5 carries the same 1080p 5-inch display which manages to keep things still crisp and neat. What immediately catches our eye here is the shocking — and pleasing — blue color it comes painted in. The speaker grills and the sides of the device retain the same shade of blue. It gives us that original Moto vibe taking us back to the good old Moto Maker days (not that Moto Maker is dead).

Put simply, this new blue looks more fun than the colors that Motorola used to offer before. On the back of the device the top and bottom sport accented bars . The famous Moto logo on the back has departed from the dimple too and is now seems to be etched out.

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Confirming previous rumors, the Lenovo branding has finally made it to the body of the G5, with a small engraving on the side of the device. The power button retains the same ridged feel from the older generation devices.

Watch Moto G5 Hands-on Video

Coming to the specs, the Moto G5 continues to follow tradition by using the octa-core Snapdragon 430 processor, coupled with 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage and a 2800mAh battery. This is the same processor powering the newly announced Nokia 6. The cameras on the device are a 13MP rear shooter and a 5MP front facing shooter.

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The button on the front of the device functions much like the OnePlus 3’s. Yup, it doesn’t press in and only functions on touch. At least the Moto G5 gets the fingerprint scanner this time unlike its predecessor. The Moto G5 will be priced at £199 though you may be able to get it at lower prices on pre-order.

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