Big Rumor: Nexus Two / Nexus S Scrapped, and planned back with a Dual Core Processor

Samsung Nexus Two Android Phone

Its getting on our nerves now and yours too, we know it. First the leaks and rumors kinda promised that the world will see a Nexus One successor on Nov 11, but we soon learned that the last-minute hardware issues delayed the phone to an unannounced no-idea-when sort of date.

But we still got something on Nov 11 — if not Gingerbread or phone’s announcement — some real pics of the phone that were undeniably very similar to Samsung Galaxy S, and we also learned that the Nexus Two is indeed called the Nexus S, headed to t-mobile. That apart the phone was too much a replica of Galaxy S which was a bit disappointing for a phone to be called a Nexus One successor. Not only the hardware, but the software too mimicked the SGS, save for the pre-loaded Android OS version 2.3, Gingerbread.

But it looks like somebody read through our mind as we are hearing that the initial Nexus S was scrapped off, to plant in a more gorgeous processor — a dual-core processor — in place of earlier 1 Ghz Hummingbird processor. Yeah we like it and even prayed for it, sincerely!

It makes sense. The Nexus One was launched about a year ago (11 months or so, actually it was Jan 5, 2010) with a 1 Ghz processor and since then, its processor, in terms of amount of hertz has remain un-bettered. So, Nexus Two with a dual core processor sounds best to us.

Oh, do take it with a huge grain of salt since nothing, I repeat Nothing, is official right now and don’t be surprised to hear an announcement of just a 1 Ghz processor Nexus S, although that’s very unlikely now that we have the rumors about a dual core.processor Nexus S. But again, no guarantee about anything.

We are like dying to hear an official word from the either of T-Mobile, Samsung, Google or anyone with official guts.

So, what are your thoughts about the dual-core Nexus S android phone by Samsung? Doesn’t Nexus One really deserve a dual-core phone to success it?

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