Top 8 best tripods for smartphones in 2019

In this era, it is very important to make a sound digital presence. Providing for the demand, telecom companies are working to bring the best features to come up with outstanding picture quality. However, the image quality may get distorted a bit when you snap a pic with the tap on your hand, particularly when you are taking a night shot. That is when tripods come into the picture.

With the help of this simple to use accessory, you can click distortion-free images like a pro. It also enables you to adjust the camera in the desired angle and capture some stunning shots right from your smartphone. It is also a vital tool for capturing steady time-lapse images, which is quite an awesome tech.

The tripods have been in demand since forever now and this has flooded the market with endless options to choose from. But do not worry because you do not have to go through each and every product individually as we have curated a list of the best tripods currently available to use with your smartphones. So check them out:

Best Tripod for your Android smartphone

1. JOBY GorillaPod

This is probably the most popular tripod you can choose to own. This one is a preferred choice for YouTubers and videography professionals. The JOBY GorillaPod has an excellent build quality and its grippy legs can wrap around almost any object hence allowing you to capture some astonishing images.

The only downside is that you’d have to purchase a cell phone mount separately. Since it does not come included in the kit. Nonetheless, you can turn and twist the legs in various angles and it’s definitely choosable for its compact profile that makes it a highly portable tripod.

Buy on Amazon: $49.95

2. Manfrotto PIXI EVO 2

This cool portable tripod from Manfrotto comes with the best build quality you can expect to have. Its flexible legs help in providing it a better grip even on uneven surfaces.

You can also use this tripod to capture a tad more stable handheld videos due to the ergonomic grip that makes it comfortable to hold on to the tripod. The rotatable head makes it super easy to capture images from various angles although you make have to purchase a phone mount separately for this one as well.

Buy on Amazon: $37.82

3. Fotopro UFO2

This excellent tripod for your smartphone comes with great build quality and allows you to adjust its legs in multiple angles to capture high-quality images or video. It is much like the GorillaPod, the Fotopro UFO2 that has high-quality rubber legs which can grip steadily on multiple surfaces.

This product is fairly lightweight and does not sacrifice on durability. Its 360° swivelling head allows you to take photos in different angles. This supporting tool is waterproof that means you could capture some stunning images in the rain as well (as long as your smartphone is waterproof)

Buy on Amazon: $20.99

4. Digiant Phone Tripod

Another great option is this tripod that comes at an affordable price. This product is created to deliver features similar to most other professional tripods. at a fairly decent price. What’s even more interesting is that the tripod can be extended up to 50-inches which is way more than most other tripods on the list.

This product can handle the weight of your smartphone even with external lenses attached. Hence it will enable you to capture images with third-party accessories as well.

Buy on Amazon: $13.79

5. Ailun Tripod

If you’re looking for a highly affordable tripod, then look no further than this budget-friendly tripod for your smartphone. This one does have a decent build and comes with octopus-like legs which can be used to wrap the tripod around objects.

The tripod is fairly compact that makes it a portable option. It also has a 360° ball joint which can be rotated to position your smartphone in various angles for the perfect shot.

Buy on Amazon: $7.99

6. Square Jellyfish Tripod

The Square Jellyfish Tripod is the best ultra-compact tripods currently available in the market. It has a 360° rotatable head which allows you to view your smartphone in various angles depending on the need of the moment.

Of course, this tripod is perfect for holding your phone steady when making video calls or recording a timelapse. The build quality of this tripod is also quite good and the mount fits smartphones from 2 1/4 to 3 5/8 inches wide which is a win-win.

Buy on Amazon: $16.95

7. UBeesize Phone Tripod

This pretty cool octopus leg styled tripod allows you to position your tripod in some challenging angles and positions to capture some stunning images with an entirely different perspective. This tripod from UBeesize’s is fairly durable and does not demand special care. Hence you could throw it in your backpack and take it along everywhere.

The non-slip feet of the tripod helps it stay in position without slipping on smooth surfaces as well.  This tool comes with a cool wireless remote to capture images without having to touch your smartphone.

Buy on Amazon: $13.98

8. JOBY GorillaPod Mobile Mini

Another impressive option is this tripod from JOBY that is specially made for mobile phones. Its tiny legs can hold up your smartphone in multiple angles and are quite easy to grip on.

Its compact size makes it one of the most portable tripods you could get at this price and the build quality is just as good as its pricier siblings. The rubber mount can hold almost all smartphones except some extensively wide ones. But you can definitely pick it for its durability.

Buy on Amazon: $14.95


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