Best Advent Calendar Apps on Android


With the coming of the Advent season (which began on December 2nd this year), we decided to screen through hundreds of Advent season apps to present to our readers a curated list of some of the best Advent calendar apps and the like, which we dare say our readers will find quite serviceable in their 4 weeks leading upto Christmas.

Christmas Countdown

Christmas Countdown is essentially a live wallpaper that comprises of a Christmas scene with a Christmas countdown timer. The live wallpaper is interactive and a user can swipe across the screen to rotate the camera view, tap on the Christmas countdown timer to begin a particle explosion and also switch between the only showing the Christmas countdown timer or the clock.

The app also has a feature to play Christmas carols, which can be done by tapping on the screen twice to play and stop a carol being played and once to change it.

Download: Christmas Countdown

Christmas Countdown 2018

Christmas Countdown 2018 is a fun little app that serves principally as an Advent Calendar, but also has a bunch of other features t keep its users enthralled with it till the very end. One such feature is the option to choose a themes from among the various options presented. Classic Christmas songs (such as We Wish You a Merry Christmas) are also featured on the app and can be played anytime, on-the-go).

In the guise of Advent gifts, the app presents to the user a new Christmas themed wallpaper every day of the Advent month.

Download: Christmas Countdown 2018

Christmas Gifts: Advent Calendar

Christmas Gifts: Advent Calendar is a game designed to instil in young children the spirit of Christmas.  In this game, little users can find sweets, souvenirs, toys, pictures and good wishes whilst enjoying endless puzzles, riddles and such activities.

Download: Christmas Gifts: Advent Calendar

Christmas Countdown 2018

Christmas Countdown 2018 is a very customizable live wallpaper-cum-Advent calendar app. The calendar counts to Christmas midnight down to the last second, hence is accurate as it can get. The app has over 30 different wallpapers, all in line with the Christmas spirit. Customizable aspects of the wallpapers are fonts, advent counter text colour, snowflake quantity, colour etc.

Download: Christmas Countdown 2018

MyAdvent – Advent Calendars 2018

MyAdvent is an easy-to-use Advent calendar that can be made from scratch and completely personalized as per the user’s desires. The calendar can then be shared out. Various forms of attachments (such as photos, GIFs, voice messages, YouTube videos) can be also be added to the calendar.

Download: MyAdvent – Advent Calendars 2018

Christmas Gift List

Managing all the Christmas gifts that are sent out can be an uphill task with the endless number of relatives and friends we all have. Christmas Gift List helps organize the various aspects of this mammoth task by helping in in one way or another from the beginning to the end. The user can keep track of all gift ideas as and when they come by jotting them down in a list within the app. Then the user can set a gift budget for each person and mark the gifts one-by-one as they are purchased. In addition to that, there are a plethora of other features that make this app extremely useful.

Download: Christmas Gift List

Elf Adventure Christmas Countdown Story 2018

The Elf Adventure - A Christmas Countdown App for Android

Elf Adventure is an Advent calendar as well as a game that narrates Christmas stories through games to young children. A new game opens up each day, and that also acts as an indicator of the number of days left for Christmas.

Download: Elf Adventure Christmas Countdown Story 2018

EGW Writings 2

Ellen G. White is one of the most widely published Seventh-day Adventist author. EGW Writings 2 is an online digital library of the complete published writings of Ellen G. White. The EGW Writings 2 app allows users to download books individually as well as the complete collection in one fell swoop. The app supports 16 languages and additionally has EGW books in 98 languages that can be downloaded or read online.

Download: EGW Writings 2

SDA Hymnal

SDA Hymnal app

SDA Hymnal is a music player that comes with a library of the most popular and well-known hymns from the Seventh-day Adventist church. That amounts to a total of almost 700 hymns. In addition to this, the app also has certain helpful features, such as: downloading the hymns for offline listening, searching for a hymn by number, title or any part of the lyrics, making a playlist of the most loved hymns.

Download: SDA Hymnal

Seventh Day Adventist Radio app World Radio

Seventh Day Adventist Radio app World Radio

Simply put, Seventh Day Adventist Radio App is a radio station pool, comprising of (currently) 128 stations of Adventist Radios from over 46 countries of the world. The number of stations keeps increasing with each update the app receives. The app manages these stations very well, on an interface that is comfortably simple and well sorted.

Download: Seventh Day Adventist Radio app World Radio

We wish our readers, Merry Christmas!

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