AT&T Unlimited Plus Enhanced Plan: All you need to know

In order to keep up with the mobile revolution, network carriers are being driven to offer premium unlimited plans. AT&T is joining the force this year to attract new customers with a revised Unlimited Plus Enhanced Plan, besides the AT&T Unlimited Choice Enhanced Plan.

The AT&T Unlimited Plus Enhanced Plan that once cost $90/month for a single line connection, is now being offered at an effective price of $80/month. However, the same plan was previously cheaper at a rate of $185/month when subscribed to 4 lines (Family Plan).

Under the new prices, users with 4 lines of connection for the AT&T Unlimited Plus Enhanced Plan would have to pay $190/month, which is $5 more than they previously did. The plan does not come with any specific limitations when it comes to download speeds, with the ability to stream video content in Full-HD 1080p resolution once you have the “Stream Saver” feature disabled.

AT&T does state that the speed could be reduced during congestion periods. Another change with the new Unlimited Plus Enhanced Plan is that the allowance of mobile hotspot data has been upgraded from 12GB to 15GB at premium speeds, after which the speed is kicked back to 128kbps. Users can enjoy premium 4G LTE speeds until the threshold limit of 22GB/month.

AT&T Unlimited Plus Enhanced Plan subscribers also get a $15/month credit to purchase additional services from DirecTV, U-Verse TV, or DirecTV Now. But most importantly, you get free HBO subscription with AT&T as an add-on to the AT&T pay-TV plan or with a free DirecTV Now account.

Comparing to AT&T other data-limited plans, the Unlimited Plus Enhanced Plan offers a handful of benefits. AT&T Mobile Share Flex Plan offers the following prices:

  • 1GB – $25
  • 5GB – $50
  • 10GB – $75
  • 20GB – $100

Apart from these charges, each smartphone user needs to pay an access charge of $20/month. After the data allowance is maxed out, the speed is reduced and capped at 128KB/s per user.

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