AT&T would sell the Samsung Galaxy A6 in the US

Samsung Galaxy A6

After the legendary Galaxy S series, of course, the premium range of Galaxy A series smartphones are probably the most recognizable devices from Samsung. This year, the A series is seeing a major revamp, maybe because of the introduction of infinity display, as Samsung has done away with the A3, A5, and A7 sets, in favor of Galaxy A8 (and A8+) and Galaxy A6 (and A6+).

With the release of Galaxy A6 this month, Samsung introduced an 18:9 aspect ratio, and fingerprint sensor similar to the Galaxy S9, and an overall decent hardware in the Asian markets at first, but it seems the device might be on its way to the United States.

Based on the latest leak by tech analyst Evan Blass, the Galaxy A6 might be on its way to the U.S. with network carrier AT&T. The Model number SM-A600A seems an obvious choice, but even though it cannot be confirmed with absolute certainty, it seems that the mid-range smartphone might be an AT&T exclusive in the United States.

This is big news considering that the Galaxy A series has always been bound to the Asian and European markets, but it seems Samsung is changing its strategy this time around.

Expected release date?

  • June-end release possible

Well, AT&T could unveil the Galaxy A6 handset soon. Maybe by the end of June, or even before.

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