AT&T offer: Buy a Galaxy Phone and knock $100 off on second one

AT&T is looking to pick up extra attention, and customers, already with the season coming up soon. The carrier just announced with that in mind  – that they champion the ‘best smartphone portfolio in the country’. Actually, no, they were rightly more focused on their offer for the prospective customers, who can now buy one of the four specified Samsung galaxy android phones and grab a cool $100 discount on their next Galaxy android phone.

You have to buy both the phone on 2 year contract and thus, the deal is not for if you unlocked sim-free android phone is what you are looking for.

The deal is applicable to these phones:

  • Samsung Galaxy S III in white, blue or our exclusive red version
  • Samsung Galaxy Note in white or blue
  • Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate
  • Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket in white or black

Now, the thing is, you will get the discount on the handset whose cost is lesser of the two you will be buying, and that of course is limited to the price of that low-cost phone. So, if you go on and buy Samsung Exhilarate, which has been priced $1, you’ll get a discount of $1 only, and a smile from AT&T sales representative telling you’ve been made. Same for $1 costing refurbished Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket.

So, this deal is useful only for those who are looking to grab one or two galaxy phones, which is either of Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note or (new) Galaxy S2 Skyrocket. The irony is, that if you are looking to buy the AT&T Galaxy Note 2, you’re not in luck since this deal isn’t meant for that phone, either.

Need help in deciding, look here and filter it out with Samsung and Android phones. Just visit an AT&T store or the carrier’s website to avail this offer.

So, who’s looking forward to make the most of this deal? And which combo of galaxy phones you’ve decided for?

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