AT&T double data offers 16GB data for just $40 per month

AT&T Double Data Promotion

Are you planning on signing up for AT&T Prepaid anytime soon? If you are, now is the best time to do that because AT&T is running a brand new promotion.

Starting April 12th, and until July 7, new subscribers now get double data on the $50/month plan with AT&T Prepaid. That is, once you sign up for the Prepaid line, you’ll receive 16GB of data instead of the usual 8GB.

There’s even more. You can reduce the monthly price to drop to just 40$/month by choosing for AutoPay. This is a golden opportunity to take advantage of the reduced price and double data, so grab it before the promotion ends.

Avail the double data offer at AT&T

Existing prepaid customers also stand a chance to avail this offer, BTW, although the way around it is a little longer than straightforward. 

There are two ways you can possibly achieve this in the promotion period:

  • Add a new line to your existing Prepaid plan, or
  • Cancel your current line, and then sign up again with a new one

Before you go for the second option though, it would be wise to talk to one of the AT&T representatives first. They guide you in the right direction regarding cancellation, and whether you have an option to switch back to the previous number when you sign up again.


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