Apple-Samsung lawsuit: Permanent injunction and additional $707 million demanded by iPhone maker

Apple Samsung Lawsuit goes on

Well, Apple clearly believes that there is more fun (and more money) to be extracted from what is already boring and frustrating lawsuit for the mobile industry that’s going on between Apple and Samsung in California.

The iPhone maker has made several demands as regards ‘willful’ patent infringement and that of ‘trade dress’ by Samsung, to the tune of $135 and $400 million respectively, which upon adding the interest and other supplemental charges, adds up to $707 million.

Apple was awarded $1.05 billion earlier, but Apple thinks it deserves not only additional $707 million, but also permanent injunctions to devices that were the matter of lawsuits, and some more, which could in effect might also result in Galaxy S3 getting banned. That’s creepy, no doubt and it seems Apple is as lost as regards innovation and competition — and reality, which demands new an refreshed iOS with some cool new features to stay up to speed with Android — as its iPhone users are with their new iOS 6 Maps app.

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  1. I will never never never ever buy another crApple product.

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